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SWO x Perry Ellis #100PiecesOfPerry

Fashion can sometimes have a reputation as a very exclusive and elitist space where if you don’t have the right piece from the right brand from the right collection, your style might get discounted. That’s not how I think about fashion or style. Getting dressed is an opportunity to be yourself and be as creative as you want. And you don’t have to be a model or designer to have dope style. #BeYouBeGreat

I heard that Perry Ellis was doing a social media fashion show for their Fall 2016 line. Basically, instead of having a traditional runway show, they are bringing it to a place where everyone can be a part of it under #100PiecesOfPerry. I chatted with the folks there about the project and had to sign up.

Fall is the best season. Period. You can be comfortable in whatever you want. Jeans & a tee? Sure. Suit & tie? Great. Joggers & a jacket? Go nuts. So getting ready for fall, I picked out one of Perry’s comfy sweaters. After a week running around DC in suits, it felt good to lounge about the city in my new favorite sweater.

Let me know what think.

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