About Sam

Sam is an entrepreneur, advocate. social impact strategist, people & operations strategist, brand consultant, and digital campaign creator.

Sam collaborates with civil rights organizations, non-profits, and brands on social impact projects, and he talks with young people about advocacy & civic engagement. He engages audiences in the kinds of conversations we too often avoid in a way that is honest, genuine, inclusive, and approachable.

Sam also partners with brands on experiential & influencer marketing campaigns, and he consults for companies on brand strategy, organizational culture, and people operations. His goal is to channel his passions to inspire others to do the same in their own creative and productive ways.

What That Means

Helping organizations be their best: Behind the scenes, I work with brands & non-profits on brand strategy, social impact, creative campaigns, and strategic partnerships. Through a people-centered operations strategy, I ensure systems and processes are supporting people to be and do their best.

Helping people be their best: I talk with young people about civic engagement & political advocacy to equip them with the tools they need to navigate complex issues, and I empower budding entrepreneurs with the roadmaps and resources they should not have to reinvent.

How I do it: My work in the digital and physical worlds would not be possible without the higher funnel strategy and innovation that takes place behind the scenes. My iterative approach to brand building, ideation & innovation, and collaboration is what drives my success and my ability to execute. Execution is efficient and effective when the strategy is sound.

Why I do it: I believe good things happen when smart, passionate people come together with a shared sense of mutuality. Through purposeful innovation and practical teamwork, we all win.

For more information: see my Marquee ProjectsPartnerships, and relevant links.