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SWO x Joseph Abboud: #NYFWM ’18

Every year, I look forward to linking back up with my Joseph Abboud family for New York Fashion Week Men’s (#NYFWM). Joseph always works with me and the crew to create a totally custom suit, and he always finds a way to add something special. This year, he added “Be You, Be Great” inside the jacket without even telling me and sent me a handwritten invitation. Nothing wrong with emails, but the personal, handwritten note is much appreciated.

I decided to go with a double-breasted suit this go around and chose the classic grey pinstripes to match Joseph’s theme for this season’s show. Something about double-breasted suits just make me feel all fancy, and it’s an indulgence I’ll always enjoy.

The show was dope — Joseph always does something non-traditional with the venue instead of a classic warehouse runway (not that there’s anything wrong with that). This time, Joseph’s show was a casual cafe vibe. There were small round tables set up lining the runway. It felt like a cool after hours spot to grab one last drink for the night. The live music was on point, the looks were too damn fly… it was a great show.

From start to finish, it’s always a good time hanging out with the Joseph Abboud family. #BeYouBeGreat

In partnership with Joseph Abboud.

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