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More Than a Tweet

Nuance matters. While social media can be a powerful tool to educate, discuss, and otherwise engage with folks, it isn’t the only tool. Each newsletter, I share my perspective on a topic that could use a bit more than a tweet.

This page is the archive of all More Than a Tweet topics featured in the newsletter.

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Enjoy the nuance! 💫 #BYBG
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Volume 1

Issue 1 – Protect Each Other From Coronavirus
Issue 2 – This Is Not Your Average Work From Home
Issue 3 – Why You Should Watch (Semi) Trashy Dating Shows With Your Partner
Issue 4 – What the Anti-Stay-At-Home “Protests” Make Clear About Racism in the U.S.
Issue 5 – Silver Linings in the Chaos of Quarantine
Issue 6 – Why I Don’t Care About the Woman from Roe vs. Wade
Issue 7 – None of What is Happening is New
Issue 8 – Why the Cops are as Likely a Culprit for the Wave of Disruptive Fireworks as Anyone Else
Issue 9 – Why Therapy Doesn’t Always Have to be Serious
Issue 10 – Why Cis People Need to Talk More (Amongst Ourselves) About Trans Lives
Issue 11 – Why the Return of Sports is So Bittersweet and What it Says About Our Society
Issue 12 – What the Attack on the USPS Teaches Us About Republican Strategy (And What It Means to Push Back)
Issue 13 – Why We Desperately Need to Grieve Better
Issue 14 – Why We Need to be Honest About the Aftermath of 9/11
Issue 15 – What’s Missing in the Conversation About Voting
Issue 16 – Why We Should Talk About Sex More

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