Marquee Projects

I’ve been able to work on some incredible projects with incredible people. Here are some of my favorites. For more, here is a broader overview of my work with various brands and organizations.

The O.G. Experience

Partners: HBO and The Soze Agency

Additional Partners: ACLU, Color of Change, Center for Victim & Human Rights, Fortune Society, Just Leadership USA, Right of Return Fellowship, Vera Institute

I orchestrated a partnership between HBO, who was figuring out their marketing strategy for their upcoming original film, O.G., and The Soze Agency, a social impact firm focused on the role of art in activism and advocacy.

What followed was a brilliant team effort to create an art exhibit in NYC’s Chelsea district — famous for it’s art scene — inspired by the film and featuring exclusively formerly incarcerated artists. There has been, to our knowledge, no other exhibit of this size that only focused on the art of the formerly incarcerated. It was particularly important for this to take place in a geography that is traditionally wealthy and white.

During the exhibit’s run, the evenings were host to private screenings and dinners with artists, activists, elected officials, journalists, influencers, celebrities, and business leaders. In addition to being one of the VIP guests, I served as Soze’s Social Content Director. I was responsible for producing and conducting talent interviews, strategic partnerships with individuals and community organizations, and operational support.

The exhibit received extensive press coverage, including but not limited to Paper Magazine, Deadline, Nylon, New York Magazine, Reason, and Pix11. The conversation on social media generated 10+ million impressions. For more information, including an immersive virtual reality tour of the exhibit, click here.

#RefreshTheTalk x The Open Mic Project

Partner: Absolut Vodka

At the tail end of 2016, I was signed as one of 5 Absolut National Ambassadors. The campaign was designed to expand the brand’s involvement in racial justice advocacy and provide a substantive, genuine, and accessible platform for consumers to responsibly enjoy Absolut during important sociopolitical conversations.

Absolut approached me with a heartfelt message: We have a long history of using our company’s resources and platform to advance gender and sexual equity (which is true — they are one of the very few companies with 100% gender equity in their executive leadership compensation), but we want to do more. Their pitch to me was not one of white saviorism. Rather, it was a nuanced approach to allyship alongside Black voices leading the way.

Over the course of that year, I attended, supported, and promoted many brand activations — including the GRAMMY’S Red Carpet initiative to #RefreshTheTalk regarding meaningful representation and pay equity — and consulted with Absolute internally on their advocacy efforts. This national campaign was featured in over 60 news outlets including the New York Times, Adweek, Creative Pool, Essence, and Nylon.

The highlight of the campaign, though, was not the glitz and glam of the red carpet. I produced and hosted 3 events with Absolut to make literal and metaphorical space for the important conversations we need to foster more often. First, I brought together 20+ people from various personal and professional backgrounds for a community roundtable on sustainable civic engagement. Then, I curated a 6 person expert panel — Brittany Packnett and Alencia Johnson — on on scaling effective social justice projects.

Finally, I hosted a Hanukkah celebration with some of my closest friends to demonstrate that it’s exactly in the environments you’re most comfortable and with the people you know best that you can lean into the conversations that matter. In total, I generated over 500K impressions on social media.