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More Than a Tweet

Nuance matters. While social media can be a powerful tool to educate, discuss, and otherwise engage with folks, it isn’t the only tool. Each newsletter, I share my perspective on a topic that could use a bit more than a tweet.

This page is the archive of all More Than a Tweet topics featured in the newsletter.

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Enjoy the nuance! ? #BYBG
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Volume 1

Issue 1 – Protect Each Other From Coronavirus
Issue 2 – This Is Not Your Average Work From Home
Issue 3 – Why You Should Watch (Semi) Trashy Dating Shows With Your Partner
Issue 4 – What the Anti-Stay-At-Home “Protests” Make Clear About Racism in the U.S.
Issue 5 – Silver Linings in the Chaos of Quarantine
Issue 6 – Why I Don’t Care About the Woman from Roe vs. Wade
Issue 7 – None of What is Happening is New
Issue 8 – Why the Cops are as Likely a Culprit for the Wave of Disruptive Fireworks as Anyone Else
Issue 9 – Why Therapy Doesn’t Always Have to be Serious
Issue 10 – Why Cis People Need to Talk More (Amongst Ourselves) About Trans Lives
Issue 11 – Why the Return of Sports is So Bittersweet and What it Says About Our Society
Issue 12 – What the Attack on the USPS Teaches Us About Republican Strategy (And What It Means to Push Back)
Issue 13 – Why We Desperately Need to Grieve Better
Issue 14 – Why We Need to be Honest About the Aftermath of 9/11
Issue 15 – What’s Missing in the Conversation About Voting
Issue 16 – Why We Should Talk About Sex More
Issue 17 – The Cost of Perpetual War
Issue 18 – Trump’s Fired, Biden’s Hired. What Now?
Issue 19 – About That Coup
Issue 20 – This Was a Week
Issue 21 – Vengeance Will Never Heal Us
Issue 22 Georgia On My Mind
Issue 23 Relief and Conviction
Issue 24 Why GameStop Matters
Issue 25 What You Need To Know About Impeachment
Issue 26 Israel’s Vaccine Rollout

Volume 2

Issue 27 Relativism Is Not The Answer
Issue 28 Kindness and Cruelty on the Internet
Issue 29 Searching for Joy
Issue 30 Go Outside
Issue 31 The Fight Against Post-Truth
Issue 32 Israel’s Immorality Endangers Jews, Too
Issue 33 Elect Maya Wiley for Mayor
Issue 34 Are We Ready For Outside?
Issue 35 The Climate Crisis is Now
Issue 36 Kids Are People, Too
Issue 37 Unvaccinated and Not By Choice
Issue 38 Most of the News is Wrong About Afghanistan
Issue 39 9/11 Twenty Years Later
Issue 40 Why Reality TV is Good For Your Relationship
Issue 41 I Wish I Could Cry More
Issue 42 Redefining Luxury
Issue 43 Assholes & Fascists
Issue 44 Covid Is Not Going Anywhere
Issue 45 Being 100% Straight Does Not Exist
Issue 46 Jews Have a Race Problem
Issue 47 Some of the Movies That Make Me
Issue 48 War In Ukraine
Issue 49 You Are Not Everyone
Issue 50 Advice From the Other Side of 30
Issue 51 New Yorkers Deserve Peace
Issue 52 Elon Musk is Just Another Rich Loser

Volume 3

Issue 53 Abortion Shmamorshion
Issue 54 The Hidden Cost of Joy
Issue 55 Ruminating on a Future Not Promised
Issue 56 Protect Trans Folks or We All Lose
Issue 57 Letting Go of the Chaos of Life
Issue 58 Scale, Sustainability, and the Con of American Individualism
Issue 59 Is Twitter Real Life?

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