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On Trump & Misogyny

I had to address how Trump has been saying horrible things throughout his campaign and throughout his career as a public figure. There are no bystanders free from responsibility. Register to vote before time runs out! Let me know…

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This past weekend, I went down from Harlem to North Philly to see the Dr. Seuss themed #TheSaddestStoryOnRepeat series from The SuperPoor Kids. SPK is an art collective based out of Camden, NJ. Brothers Lu and Jay Reyes debuted the series…

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I Don’t Want My Friends To Die

I don’t want my friends to die. I don’t want to wake up and see a name I know memorialized with a hashtag. I don’t want to see a video of my friend getting executed. I don’t want to…

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Recap: Fairfield University

The other week I visited Fairfield University as a part of the Black Studies Program and the Black Lives Matter course, specifically. This is the first semester the course is being offered, and it’s absolutely critical that these issues…