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    Humanity of Connection Launch

    Excited to sit on the Society of Millennials Council with AT&T and Humanity Of Connection. Too often, conversations about millennials are lacking all nuance & context (whether or not we’re even included…

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    Canvassing for the 2018 Midterms

    Spent today canvassing in the district I grew up in. #BYBG I knocked on 100+ doors making sure folks know who to vote for, where to vote, and what time they’re…

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    SWO x Joseph Abboud: #NYFWM ’18

    Every year, I look forward to linking back up with my Joseph Abboud family for New York Fashion Week Men’s (#NYFWM). Joseph always works with me and the crew to create a totally custom…

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    #SWOSound: January ’18

    Happy New Year! 🥂 Gotta start off 2018 the right way — with good vibes & good music. This is a feel good playlist from beginning to end, and I hope it…

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    #SWOSound: December ’17

    Oh, y’all thought I forgot about #SWOsound? Pshh… we’re closing out 2017 with good vibes for a Happy Hanukkah, a Merry Christmas, a blessed Kwanzaa, and festive New Year! Enjoy &…

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    #SWOSound: November ’17

    Safe travels to everyone this week — the Thanksgiving traffic will be a nightmare, so just turn up the music & make it feel like a road trip! Enjoy & let…

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    #SWOSound: September ’17

      Summer is over! Despite the 90 degree weather in NY (seriously, though, climate change is real), the summer flew by and we are well on our way to the fall. Before…

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    #SWOSound: August ’17

    It has been a hectic summer in so many ways. Some of them have been good while others have evolved in so many ways around the political climate in which we…