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SamWhiteout x Tissot

When it comes to watches, everyone needs that everyday watch that fits perfectly and you can wear with anything. For me, there’s this gold watch I’ve had for a minute from back in college. Now that I’m all graduated and technically an adult (kind of sorta?), I went ahead and needed to upgrade a little bit.

So I was thinking to myself about what the best move was…

Happy to report that I found the watch I need in my life right now. I partnered up with the folks at Tissot, and they helped me all the way out. IT’S LIT.

My biggest thing has always been practicality, by the way. This one is super clean, it’s versatile for a hoodie or a suit, and (above all) it keeps the damn time right. I don’t have to worry about it lagging to needing to wind it every day. What do you think?

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